Your Leadership Coaching Guide: Five Approaches to Better Leadership

Executive Briefing

Leadership is more than a concept; it is a verb.

For managers, it’s crucial to evolve into leading.  You are empowered to manage people by the title you hold, but you become a leader as you, your responsibilities and your people grow with you.  Leading is crucial in every aspect of our lives, and the best way to improve is to approach leading as part of a daily practice, just like a daily exercise routine.   As the boss, you have countless moving pieces to keep track of— finances, advertising, and really, the company as a whole.

Most importantly, as the leader it’s your responsibility to support and nurture the people that make your business a reality.  Here are five approaches you can integrate into your days to begin strengthening your influence as you pave a leadership path – for yourself and others.

1.    Be Decisive and Have A Clear Vision

As the boss, you are in charge of many ideas; they are either presented to you or are forming in your own head.  When you find one that sticks, dive into it with your all. Moving forward with an idea that isn’t fully flushed out is the best way to create problems down the road.

Arguably more important than that is to make sure you’re conveying your ideas in a clear way, so that every member of your team knows what direction to head in. Your business is a machine, and all the pieces need to be on board for it to run smoothly.

2.    Inspire Others to Follow You

Leaders often create the “big idea,” but without the support of your team, it will remain just that—an idea.  Presenting your plans is a main part of the job, but how you present your ideas is what makes the difference.

Create an inclusive company culture.  You may be a central part of that conversation, but an open and friendly environment for every single team member to flourish and express is a priority.

3.    Networking – Always Be Strengthening Your Relationships

Your business run on people – your clients, employees, partners, stakeholders – they are the fuel that keeps it going.   Therefore, it’s crucial to constantly build and maintain those relationships in good standing.  You were highly capable of getting where you are; now, as you progress in a leadership role, it’s crucial to evolve into a stronger leader every day.  Keep in mind that opportunities sometimes present themselves as problems.

4.    Practice Open and Clear Communication

As the boss, you’re likely to have a final say in things; on the other hand, it’s important to hear the entire team out.  Doing so will open the door to new ideas and message your contributors that their opinions are heard and valued.  

You’re more than just the boss. You are the thought leader, the career coach, the support system, and the sounding board. Creating and maintaining that symbiotic relationship with your team is key to earning their trust and loyalty.

5.    Hold Yourself – And Your Team – Accountable

While your team is made up of unique individuals, you represent them as a whole. It’s important to give credit to your team when their ideas take off, but also recognize it’s you on the line when something goes wrong.  Another reason of the importance of being part of the day-to-day flow.

That being said, you have a lot of things to juggle as the boss, and it is completely natural to sign work off to others to mitigate your own workload. The key is finding your sweet spot. Ask yourself how much you can be involved without stretching yourself too thin.

Concisely, even with these few tips in mind, consider that you don’t become a great leader simply by checking the box.  To grow and get better each day as a leader, consistency, dedication, commitment, day in and day out are necessary to earn the trust and respect of those around you.  

Remember that building a better business, developing into the leader you can be, starts with you.

That’s what the MarCan Executive & Leadership Coaching program is all about. As a smart business leader, you are always looking for that extra edge so you can continue to drive business results, strengthen key relationships, and inspire your team.

What better time to start than now? Give our experts a call or send a message for more information on how you can improve your leadership brand.


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