Your Career Change Guide: Five Easy Steps Toward Reinventing Yourself

Career Reinvention

Considering a career change? Your journey is as unique as you are. With many professionals jumping into new fields these days, here are five things for everyone to consider before taking the leap:

1.  Learn About Your New Target Industry or Field

The first step in career change is pretty simple: DO YOUR RESEARCH. Learn as much as you can about your desired industry to help you identify gaps and start building up all skills – tactical, technical – within it. In parallel, conduct research about needed industry experience, as well as certifications and courses that would make you eligible for your target role. Most important, find out who are the leading companies and leaders in that industry. Your research will help you be more prepared to start pursuing the job of your dreams.

2.  Expand All Your Networks

Changing careers can’t happen all on your own. It’s crucial for a couple of reasons, to build a support system within your current and future industry and the role you are pursuing. Peers and colleagues can be a great source of advice and guidance as you redefine your career identity. They can also be great resources in terms of finding open positions and connecting you with decision makers and hiring managers in the new industry. Identify who in your network is within your target industry and reach out for an informational meeting.

3.  Tweak Your Resume and Cover Letter

If you’re a hands-on leader, you may spend a lot of your time on the ground floor. While this can be an advantage at times, it’s wise to balance working on your business rather than in it. Your team is there to support your vision and help continuous growth. Though you may be tempted to do everything yourself, learn to let go and trust your team to handle the heavy lifting from time to time.

4.  Get Ready for All the Questions

On top of the basic interview questions, be prepared to respond to the reasons for switching fields. Be prepared with strong answers that focus on the positive. Whether you’re going in for a face-to-face interview or a virtual meeting, you want your passion to shine through so there is no doubt in the hiring manager’s mind why they should choose you for the job. Again, Show your value.

5.  Pave Your Career Path

A career change is a gradual and steady process; it won’t happen overnight, or happen on its own. For things to move forward, you will need to be actively involved in the process, be consistent, persistent and disciplined. Don’t know how and where to start? Don’t wait for an opportunity to fall into your lap; take advantage of everything, no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem. And most important, strive for excellence in what you are doing right now because you are preparing for your next career development stage in the present one.

Make Your Career Transition Simple and Stress-Free

Starting over is never easy, but it’s always worth it when you are going after something bigger and better for yourself. This is just the beginning. Get in touch with the career growth experts at MarCan Coaching & Consulting to start your journey today.


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