Is it time to leave your job? 10 Warning Signs.

Is it time to leave your job?

Arguably, one of the most difficult career decisions is leaving a current job to begin your journey toward a new career path. It’s a fact that your job isn’t always going to be fun. There are hard days, and some may even seem impossible. It’s up to you to decide when enough is enough, and when you are ready for a change.

How can you decide if that time has come? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide when it’s time to close the current chapter on your career path.

Do my current Company Values Match My Own?

You should always believe in the work you are doing. Whether you have taken a job under the guise of a different mission – or that mission has changed over time and is no longer in line with your own goals – it is always important to consider if it is worth sticking around to do something you don’t truly enjoy.

As a first step, have a conversation about your concerns with your boss. If nothing changes, it may be time to explore and search for a position that is a better fit for you.

Is this Job Meeting My Needs and Expectations?

Along a similar vein, it’s important to feel like all your wants and needs are being met at work. These can include financing expectations, learning experiences, workplace relationships, and more.

It can also be as simple as wanting to feel excited and challenged at work on a day-to-day basis. Organizations can sometimes over-promise, and you may find yourself stuck in a position before you realize they have under-delivered. Always think about your needs, and make sure your job meets them.

Is There Room for Growth?

Complacency is never a good thing when it comes to your workplace. You should always feel like there is more to learn and there is a way for you to improve—even if you are comfortable in your current position. Be sure to always be seeking opportunities. And if your current workplace doesn’t allow you to take advantage of those new experiences, it could be a sign that it’s time to explore other opportunities outside the organization.

What is My Gut Telling Me?

This final point is not as exact as the others, but it is just as important. If you find yourself often thinking about quitting your job and starting somewhere new, it may be time to do exactly that. Your intuition is often a guiding force that leads you to what will really make you the happiest. If your current position is no longer serving you, do some soul searching to decide if it’s time to let it go. You should always be moving toward the best thing for you.

Talk to a Career Coach to Learn More

Are you ready to take that next step? Get in touch with our career reinvention experts at MarCan Coaching & Consulting to learn more about how to successfully leave your job and start on the path toward a new career.


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