Beyond Finances: Three Key Actions to Get You Ready for Retirement

Retirement isn’t the end; au contraire, it’s a whole new beginning. As with any new chapter in your life, retiring will bring about a world of change for you and those around you. There are plenty of resources available to help you get your financial ducks in a row. For that, a Financial Planner is key.  I’m referring to the other changes you will encounter, which get very little publicity – how you will invest your time, your energy and get up every day with a sense of purpose.  This is what I’m going to address on this blog.

Finding Your New Purpose

Throughout most of your life, you’ve been focused on your career path and your professional success. The way our world is set up, you never had much of a choice. Now that you’re ready to exit the working world and start the next phase of your life, one key question remains: who are you without your job?

It’s crucial to have an identity for yourself outside of your work, and this becomes even more clear as you’re getting ready to retire. This is a great opportunity to dedicate yourself to interests outside of your career and to try a bunch of new things. Many retirees also begin working part time or as a volunteer to continue doing something they love.

Adopting a Hobby (Or Maybe a Few)

Say goodbye to the concept of a “work-life balance.” Odds are, your career has taken over your personal life on more than one occasion in the past. While this may be a frustrating fact, you probably got used to it over time.

The best way to adapt to this new normal is to invest your energy on what makes you happy. Try your hand at a new skill or make more time for an old one. There are so many cool things to do in this world, yet so many people don’t get the chance due to a lack of time.

Well, now is your time to shine!

Making Time for Family and Friends

One thing you may not have thought about is the people you won’t be seeing every day anymore. Often, we take advantage of these work interactions only to miss them when they are gone.

Not only is socializing a fun way to fill your time, but it also has proven benefits to your overall mental and emotional health. So, call up your buddies, plan a dinner with old colleagues, or join a club and meet some new people! The social interactions will do your mind and heart a world of good.

With retirement comes big changes, and it’s important that you’re ready to tackle them head on. MarCan provides retirement options coaching to help individuals like yourself focus on the non-financial aspects of retirement planning. We provide key insights and resources to help the transition into a new you.

Send us a message or call us to learn more about how you can recreate yourself after retirement.


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