Becoming a Better Leader: How to Stop Getting Stuck in Your Workflow

Leadership Growth

As a company leader, you have a lot of irons in the fire. And while your day-to-day may feel full to the brim, there’s still a chance your business is not progressing. Every successful leader has his/her own “leadership style.” While yours may work for you, it’s important not to use your personal style as the company’s standard.

How can you make sure you’re successfully growing your business? Here are five easy ways you can fight getting stuck in a free flow:

Embrace Change

Getting stuck in a routine is easy to do. To help avoid this, make it a habit to always challenge your thought processes. Inspiration comes in all forms and can be found everywhere. An easy way for you as a leader to seek it out is simply to speak with people outside your area of expertise.

Talking to leaders within your field can be a great place to start. On the other hand, the best way to think outside of the box is to step out of it first. You will be surprised how much insight you can gain out of speaking with people in a completely different industry.

Talk to Your Team

As the boss, you’re used to your employees coming to you for advice and guidance. Reversing roles can make a huge impact on the growth of your business as a whole. This is especially true when it comes to talking with your newer employees. Since they haven’t adapted to the way things are usually done, they can easily identify new approaches and perspective.

Team members who have been with your company for a while, are helpful resources as well. As the people actually doing the work, they may have thought about new ways to do their jobs more efficiently. From the front line to those behind the scenes, checking in with your team is a great way to get a new and different perspective.

Manage Your Time

If you’re a hands-on leader, you may spend a lot of your time on the ground floor. While this can be an advantage at times, it’s wise to balance working on your business rather than in it. Your team is there to support your vision and help continuous growth. Though you may be tempted to do everything yourself, learn to let go and trust your team to handle the heavy lifting from time to time.

Set Reasonable Goals

Growth should be a continuous process filled with countless stepping stones along the way. Rather than “reaching for the stars” from ground zero, set smaller goals along the way to make the journey easier. To top it off, reward yourself for the small stuff. As a leader, most of your motivation is intrinsic, therefore it’s important to keep your brain happy and healthy at all times.


Reflection is quite simple and incredibly important. Positive change doesn’t happen overnight, which is why you should always be self-reflecting and asking for feedback from your team, too. By consistently making space for innovative solutions, your brain will be able to work in a more creative way.

Ready to Gain Control Over Your Workflow?

Being a successful leader is all about identifying problems and tapping into your potential to fix them. If you’re feeling stuck, MarCan Coaching & Consulting will be by your side to get you back on the right track. Give us a call to learn more from our executive coaching team today.


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