Our Mission: To help executives, leaders and professionals gain confidence as they progress in their career path and take new responsibilities.

We work with people and organizations in transition and help them capitalize on the opportunity that change brings for transformation into the next best version of the individual, the team, the company. Using our GITA-e model, we help clients:

  • Grow
  • Improve
  • Transform
  • Advance
  • Enlighten

Helping people who are already functioning well function even better. 

We strive to do our part to make this a better world by helping people be resilient and focus on what they are going after.

Individual Coaching

We partner with individuals, help them unleash the power within to make an impact, attain goals and dreams while staying true to their values.

  • Leadership
  • Career transition, career development
  • Life coaching - overall wellness

Teams and Leadership

We help both leaders and teams attain goals while staying true to company values and mission.

Our focus is people.  We partner with teams and leadership to leverage their combined capabilities, help business transformation to create a collaborative culture.  We understand that every team faces unique challenges, therefore we customize our consulting engagements for our clients.

Our Story

Marlen Cantrell corporate image

Marlen Cantrell

Founder & President

"Problems can't be settled by a similar level of thinking that made them.” (Albert Einstein)

These words are vital particularly if at present you feel stuck, require another approach, a change in life, a purpose, are experiencing a change, or essentially are not getting the outcomes you need. If you are facing similar circumstances, working with a trained coach can enable you to get the outcomes you want throughout everyday life.   I took control and changed my life and if MarCan can, so can you!


Marlen Cantrell is the founder of MarCan Coaching & Consulting and the author of Pop The Cork and Celebrate! which has helped professionals capitalize on career transitions.

Marlen is an executive, leadership and career coach.  She works with clients to maximize their personal competitive advantage by focusing on their executive presence, leadership style, and interactions with others. Marlen builds on the fundamental elements that make her clients unique and helps leverage strengths and hone qualities that will influence others and get results.  Marlen has a passion for helping leaders recognize the significant impact they have on others through their actions, decisions, and communication.  Marlen is insightful, high energy, action-driven, and well known for her candor and great sense of humor.

Marlen’s experience expands over decades at start-ups, mid, large size companies and non-profit organizations.  She worked closely with board of directors, CEO’s, and executive leadership, served in a variety of roles, from corporate office, to building teams in operations, administration, international business development, sales, and enterprise account management.  Helping individuals succeed and transform has been her passion.  Throughout her professional life, Marlen incorporated coaching and training into all facets of her work.  At MarCan Coaching & Consulting, she continues to use these delivery modes helping clients better understand the measurement of performance goals and program outcomes.

Marlen is a certified professional coach, a certified DiSC Behavior practitioner, trainer and facilitator.  She holds a B.S. in management and an M.B.A. with concentration in marketing.

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